Hi everyone, Trynda here.

Bringing you a Giant Authortube Collab video today. The questions we’re going to be answering are: What is your favorite type of story and of the characters you’ve created, who’s your favorite? I’m going to go ahead and say that of the characters I’ve created, my favorite character is a celestial messenger named Mastima. She is the messenger of justice and she’s got this huge robotic wing that serves as a prosthetic for one that she lost.

Sade: Hey everyone. Sade Rena here and my most favorite character that I’ve ever written or created is a character in my current work in progress, I don’t want to give his name out yet but he is immortal, he is mysterious and he is bad ass, on top of that, he’s sexy. So, yeah. He’s my most favorite character.

Jessica: My favorite character would have to be Scarlet Summers because I’m saving her head the most and Angeline’s a close second because of how she’s sassy.

Amber: Hi guys. Amber Craft. Now, the character that I’ve created that is by far my favorite is Semi in Unknown love. She is the princess of Aver Carina people and she comes down to watch her brothers’ descendants, she says it like it is, she does what she wants, she doesn’t care what people think and yes, she is fiercely protective and loyal and misses home so much but won’t let anyone see it though. She is by far a kickass woman.

Morgan: My favorite character that I have ever created would have to be Princess Gabrielle of Brovalian. She was the main character in the first novel that I’ve ever written and she is just, she’s head strong, she’s loyal, she’s fierce, and she always fights for what she believes in. Well, I didn’t have that strength to write a character that embodied something that I wanted to be in my own life just puts her at the top of…

Suzanne: I can’t really pick a defendant favorite but Saver Tooth was the first character who ever like spoke to me so, he has a special place in my heart but perhaps, my favorite character just in a way that I’ve created her and in a way that she kind of stuck around is Avert Winshaw, she was originally a character in a book that I completely scraped but I liked her character so much that I changed the name of the character in my current work in progress and kind of morphed the two together so that’s Avert Winshaw.

Amy: Hey everyone. Amy here and my character I eve wrote was Elrada, he is a Japanese by the second book but in my first book, he was just a tea merchant and he’s quite fun, he’s really into Japanese tradition and culture so, I have such a fun time like writing about it to write him in his different scenarios even though he is crazy. Crazy Mob boss.

Lauren: Hi. I’m Lauren Cook’s books and I love writing on all the forms but I especially love writing in script and novella. I’ve written scripts that get so much information so visual in the written form and it’s just beautiful and with novellas, I feel like I can get a lot more into account with the short story but it’s still a lot more reliant on the reader’s own view than the novel…

Trynda: I really enjoy writing short stories for the ability to write short snippets of a character’s backstory that wouldn’t otherwise be able to make it into a full length plot of a novel.

Jessica: My favorite would have to be novel writing because you can do so much more with it than you can with a short story or with flash fiction.

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