Hi everyone, Trynda here.

Today, I’m bringing you a Manuscript Chat where I will be talking about the bindings and essentially what the bindings are is a set of universal rules that apply to all beings within the universe and that includes the Elohim, the messengers, mortals like us and really everyone who falls within the scope of the universe.

So there are basically two prime bindings which are:

  • none shall destroy what they did not create
  • none shall create without free will.

So, that’s basically the foundation for the bindings and then there’s a lot of little tiny adaptations on top of those ones to also apply to different mortals and different beings and then other creatures that came along afterwards that didn’t necessarily fall within the original scope of the bindings which would have been the Elohim. So there’s a little bit of ambiguity when it comes to the bindings and the Elohim.

They are not really sure who put them in place, it could have been Elhreal or they could have existed when they got into the celestial plane from the get go. It was not really established who put them in place because Elhreal kind of keeps it a mystery whether or not he knows who created them and this is not purposely so anyone who’s looking to manipulate the bindings for malicious purposes has a harder time of actually doing that because they’re there to keep the advent flow of the universe in check.

The Bindings themselves are sort of like living and non living entities that invoke punishments and jailers and they also exist to feed magical energy to the mortal plane and that’s really also kind of like their non living purpose, they’re not really doing it consciously, it’s kind of just an effect of how the planes are joined together.

If you’re powerful enough and this is usually only the Elohim and I think Lucifer as well, you can actually see the red sigil that anchors the bindings to the different planes. So, during the Elohim’s recorded history, if you could call it that, there’s not really a lot of records where the bindings are really invoked and I think this is because more or less, the Elohim aren’t really malicious and aren’t looking to do things that would break the bindings, the only two times were with Lilith when she was betrayed by Iaida and the other time was when Larathel defeated Gabrielle and it was kind of a unsettling feeling that everyone got when this kind of happened because Elohim are not meant to break the bindings, they’re supposed to be the best of the best.

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Back with another Manuscript Chat, this episode I’m talking about The Bindings, rules which govern over the Elohim Universe and those who reside within.

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