Trynda first started writing short stories back in 2011 when Revival (Prologue), then titled Revival, was published by the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group inĀ Voices volume eleven, number two.

While in college Trynda continued to work on the Revival series and publishes exclusive content for Patrons of the Clan, subscribers to her mailing list and various writing contests.

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After getting home late from working the museum security shift; Morgan, an orphaned clan scribe, comes face to face an ancient creature thought to be just a myth.
Samouel thought he'd lost the love of his life when his legion decimated the Isle of Mona. Little did he know, his clandestine lover was not so easily destroyed.
When a woman in crimson catches Elysia's eye, the night takes a turn for the unusual. Will this be the time his desires get the better of him?
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