A race of beings originating from the stream of time. These creatures are streams of time which gained enough power from the 'big bang' to form physical vessels to hold their soul/consciousness. They live and are bound to the Celestial Plane by The Bindings, where they create other beings and bring life to this universe.

  • Physical Traits
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Vessel is easily destroyed.
  • Can be required with a 'salve'
  • If not repaired, must be reformed
  • White Hair
  • White Eyes
  • White Skin
  • Mostly devoted to creation and keeping order in the Universe
  • Not general violent
  • No gender
  • Leave limited physical records
  • Communicate via emotions, thoughts and verbally
  • Do not age/change
  • Do not have 'memory' the same way as mortals
  • Experience¬†all time as it occurs based on the outcomes of others' actions.
  • Can manipulate time and space
  • Time weaving abilityLife/soul/vessel
  • Transmogrification¬†powers
  • Punishments of The Bindings
  • Porcelain-like Vessel
  • Do not heal


  • When the vessel is needed to be repaired the Elohim will enter a 'formless' state, a new vessel is then formed and reinhabited.
  • Depending on the skill of the creator this 'formless' state could span thousands of years by human standards.
  • Rituals, spells, incarcerations and 'agreements' leave residual traces that may be studied as historical records are. Certain types of communication leave traces that require a type of meditation/trace to uncover.