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Trynda’s Bookbag | Gone Girl & Neverwhere

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Hey everyone.

Trynda here, Bringing you a Book bag video about Fahrenheit 451, Gone Girl And Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

I really enjoyed Fahrenheit 451 and I thought that it had a lot of interesting parallels to our modern day society even though it was written back in the 50s.

And if you’re interested in how technology impacts the way we’re in trap with the world, I would definitely recommend it for you.

The first book I’m going to talk about is Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

I’m having a hard time getting through it because I don’t like Amy’s character, I didn’t like her in the movie and I don’t like her in the book because she’s just an untrustworthy person and untrustworthy people just don’t sit well with me.

And that just makes me drag through the scenes that they’re in.

I’m really enjoying Nick’s perspectives and seeing Nick and Amy’s perspective side by side are really interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how Gillian pulled off the ending.

So, I am looking forward to finishing it, I just have to push through the scenes that I find that I don’t like very much.

And next on my reading list is Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

I’ve heard a lot about Neverwhere and I’ve never had a chance to read any of Neil’s work so, I though that this will be a good chance to familiarize myself with the urban fantasy with only a little bit more outside of the paranormal fantasy with vampires that I’m usually reading.

So, that’s it for now guys.

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I will put in link in the cards and down below in the description so, make sure to check all of that out and I will talk to you guys later.

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Trynda’s Bookbag | SPQR & Gone Girl

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Hi everyone.

Trynda here, Wanted to bring you a video about what I’m reading right now.

Usually, what I read is related to what I’m working on and in the past, I was reading books about Ancient Rome because I was writing a novella about couple of vampires that were making their way through it.

I’ve recently put it on the back burner but I’m still going to finish up this book that I’m reading right now which is SPQR by Mary Beard.

It’s a book about Ancient Rome obviously, and it’s been pretty good.

I’ve really enjoyed reading it.

When I found this book, I had to read it because I knew that she was very good at balancing what was familiar and what was not familiar when she was talking about stuff in her documentaries.

So, for anyone who’s researching Ancient Rome, I definitely recommend checking out some of her stuff.

Simon Clarke did a pretty good video about the summary and kind of what SPQR is about so, I’ll link it up here and down below as well so you can go and have a look at that.

I’m about halfway done SPQR but I’m going to be starting Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn in a little bit here for Camp NaNoWriMo and what I’m writing during that.

I’ve been wanting to read Gone Girl ever since I saw the movie a few years back so, I thought now, since I’m going to write a suspense, that it would be a good a time as any.

So, that’s it for now guys.

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I’ll talk to you guys later.

Simon Clark’s SPQR video:

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