Trynda began producing her first writing and book related videos in February of 2017. She began talking about her process and has slowly expanded to include vlogs from around her city of Winnipeg, discussions about the world she writes in, and the books she's currently reading. Tag videos from the Authortube and Booktube communities where Trynda answers questions on certain topics can also be found on the channel from time to time.

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Monthly Updates

A quick vlog with updates on Trynda's writing, reading and other projects.
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Trynda's Bookbag

Each month Trynda shares what's on her 'to be read' list and thoughts on books, audiobooks and other stories she has 'read' over the month.
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Manuscript Chat

Quick videos chatting about different characters, concepts and settings within the Elohim Universe created by Trynda.
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Authortube Tags

Video with questions about writing, characters and other fun topics from other authors in the Authortube community.
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