Review inquiries must be sent via the review request form on this blog.

The purpose of this form is to provide me with the information I need to know about the book you’re asking me to review. The questions are carefully chosen in order to make certain I have all the crucial details I need in order to make my decision.

It also enables me—if I choose to accept your request—to have an easy-to-find reference point for all the information I need to my review, including: author bio, publisher and publication date, purchase links, etc.

For these reasons, I will not accept any review requests made via social media sites.

I accept requests on a review consideration basis only.
I can not guarantee I will finish reading any book prior to starting it, whether it’s for a review request or a book I’ve chosen from my own personal collection—and I don’t review books unless I finish reading them.

Preferred Genres
I read a wide variety of fiction genres, and the list would be too lengthy if I included them all. The genres listed below are the ones I tend to read regularly, and would be willing to consider for review purposes.

Historical Fiction
Psychological Thriller
Crime Thriller
Women’s Fiction
Magical Realism (Witches)
Post-Apocalyptic (Zombies)

Fiction featuring aliens, werewolves, shifters, or vampires will never be accepted for review consideration.

While I do read book featuring aliens, it’s exclusively limited to Star Trek novels. As for the others mentioned above, I have no interest whatsoever in reading such books. It simply isn’t my thing.

Nonfiction titles are also excluded from consideration.

I only respond to review requests I accept.
I receive a massive amount of email every day, so it isn’t possible for me to reply to every request I receive. If I’m inclined to accept the request, you’ll receive a reply from me promptly.

Please don’t expect a review to be written within a specific time frame.
With the exception of blog tours, I don’t maintain a strict time frame for when I’ll be reading and reviewing specific books. I choose my next book based on the genre I’m in the mood for at that moment, not the date on the calendar.

What can you expect if I review your book?
Every review I write will honestly reflect my feelings about your book, whether those feelings are positive or negative. If I enjoyed the story, I will explain why, and will likely offer praise for particularly clever twists, vivid settings, and well-written characters. If I didn’t like your book, I will list the reasons why I didn’t. If portions of the story didn’t work for me, I will explain the reason(s) why it felt wrong, and how it affected the overall story. Negative reviews are the last thing an author wants, I know, but I owe it to my followers to avoid sugar-coating my reactions in the hopes of sparing an author’s feelings. That said, any criticism I have will be focused solely on the book itself, and should not be construed as a personal attack on the author.

What should you do if you disagree with my review or rating?
Absolutely nothing. With the exception of correcting typos or other minor mistakes, my reviews and ratings will remain the same. In requesting a review for your book, you asked for my opinion—whether you agree with it or not is irrelevant.

#AuthorsBehavingBadly is a fairly constant discussion on Twitter for a reason. While I’ve never experienced vitriol from an author who was offended by my review, it should be clearly understood that I will not tolerate such behavior, and will immediately let other bloggers know you are an author best avoided.

No one wants that.

This policy will be updated as needed.