Hi everyone.

Trynda here, bringing you an update on what to expect on the channel and a few other things that you guys can go check out.

First off for videos on the channel, I did the voices of YA authortube tag, I also did the book bag video for Gone Girl and Neverwhere. As of this video, I’ve decided to set aside Gone Girl because I was not enjoying it whatsoever and I wasn’t even even reading it and I just wanted to move on to something I actually wanted to read so, goodbye Gone Girl.

Camp NaNoRiMo for July has officially kicked off and I am doing it. I have set a loose score of 30 hours of editing for On Fallen wings. Right now, I have written an additional chapter and I’m moving on to chapter 11 so, I think that’s 9 more chapters to go, six more chapters to go. I have to double check that number, I’m not sure. Hopefully after July, I will be able to get a schedule back in place and be able to get you guys content on more regular basis.

I’m going to be shooting a TBR video soon so you can that on the channel. If you’re interested in watching me play video games, I’ve started streaming Destiny Skyrim at some point. Possibly dark souls and Stardew valley on my Twitch channel so, I will link that with the other links down below and you can check that out. You can follow my Twitch channel to get notification when I start streaming or you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

I usually post something saying that I’m streaming. Revival (Episode 2) is now available and Revival (Episode 3) is available for preorder. If you’d like to preorder that one, I believe it’s coming out in July 16 and you can still get a free copy of Revival Prologue if you want to get a taste of what this series is like and I think that’s it for now.

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If you’re curious about anything you’ve seen in my videos, you can leave a comment in the comment section down below or contact me on Twitter or Facebook or even on my Patreon and I’ll talk to you guys later.

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