Hi everyone.

Trynda here, Just wanted to bring you a quick update on how I’m going with Camp NaNoWriMo and what I’m doing with my word count right now.

I’m just a little over 4600 right now, I got 4500 on the first few days so, I was off to a good start with my prologue and my climax which I wrote first and today, I didn’t get too many words in, I got 153, I think, so, I didn’t do too good.

I was kind of in a little of a slump and I didn’t have very much time to write so, I’m going to have to like get better at that.

I’m going to try and make out for what I didn’t get in today, hopefully, it will go better tomorrow.

I think I have a better idea of the scene I want to write so, it should go a little smoother tomorrow when I won’t be sitting at my page staring at nothing for so long and a goodnight sleep will help, I’m sure.

A few of us over on Victoria Griffin’s channel kicked off NaNoWriMo with a live write-in, we did a few sprints and we answered some questions that people are asking and that we were asking between ourselves.

If you want to go over there and check out that live stream, it is archived on Victoria’s channel and I’ll put a link somewhere around here for you guys.

I’m going to try and make out for what I didn’t get done today so, hopefully, I can catch up on my word count tomorrow but I will let you guys in a few days.

I hope you’re all doing well with your word count, I would love to hear how you’re doing in the comment section down below if you want to leave your comments.

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Talk to you later.

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