Human creatures who have 'inherited' the Curse of the Fallen by performing a blood ritual. The curse attempts to change the human vessel into a fallen messenger, but is unable and instead a hybrid or cursed human is created. Not all survive the transformation, but those who do are forever changed.

  • Physical Traits
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Pale skin
  • Sustained by human blood
  • Hair fades/pales over time to a reflective grey.
  • Joined scarcely by bloodlines
  • Fanged lateral Incisor and Canines.
  • Canines descend when near blood.
  • Can growl similar to large cat
  • Frozen in appearance
  • Hair can be cut, but will grown back to original length (slowed growth speed)
  • Organised into clans after Rome incident
  • Respected individuals are laid to rest in The Necropolis
  • Human soul is removed from The Cycle.
  • Heightened strength and senses
    • Heightens with age/over time
  • Sunlight ("The Gaze of God")
  • Gold, Silver and Iron (Celestial Metals)
  • Having the head or heart destroyed.
  • Driven insane by drinking the blood of another vampire