Hi everyone.

Welcome to my Patreon Page.

For those of you who ended up here and you’re not too sure what Patreon is, it’s kind of like Kickstarter except instead of raising lots of money for one big project, it’s more like tips for reoccurring content that’s coming from your favorite artists.

In my case, I am an Indie author who’s most known for my Revival series, I am also known for a few things around the Internet like short stories and stuff.

Part of what I do when I work in this huge world that I’ve got going on is making concept art and short stories and all of these other world building aspects to get a really good understanding of my characters and the settings and the world that they live in.

One thing I want to do is be able to release all that world building stuff that I make behind the scenes because it just seems like such a waste to keep it locked away while I’m releasing novels.

Your contributions are going to go towards making a better end product.

Making the books that I publish not just e-books but also physical books and being able to get really good covers and being able to get good editing services.

Thank you for considering to contribute to me and I hope to see you in the future.

The intro video for my Patreon page where you can get extra world/building content for a few dollars a month.