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Authortube Tag | Worldbuilding Tag 2.0

Hi everyone, Trynda here.

Today, I’m bringing you a Authortube Worldbuilding tag. This is the second one that’s gone up on my channel but I was tagged by Shamon Watson this time and I will be doing it more or less about about Elohim Universe but for the occasional question where it goes a little deeper with the main character. I will be talking about On Fallen Wings instead. So, let’s get into the questions then.

1. Briefly describe your story premise and the world in which it takes place.

The brief premise for my universe is what happens when a race of beings calmed the Elohim were betrayed by one of their own and the basic premise for unfallen wings is what happens when this Elohim in hiding is discovered and she’s forced to face her long time enemy.

2. Are there any wars or conflict affecting your character’s life?

So, in my universe, there’s but a handful of wars, not counting the ones in history and that includes the celestial war basically a civil war in the celestial plain that tore apart the messengers and caused half of them to be cast into the mortal plain. The second war that happens that’s really big is the unwon war and this is basically world war 3 and that is the one that is on the map behind me. This is what it’s called since nobody actually wins because human civilization almost wipes itself out with nukes which is actually where revival takes place. The last big war that’s really known in my universe right now is the war of revelations and this is basically what cuts off the unwon war and what starts into the second celestial war except this celestial war is now split between the mortal plain and the celestial plain and its basically the war of revelations and the apocalypse and it’s a struggle to keep the mortal plain from basically being wiped clean. So, there’s a few wars that do happen and they’re kind of cataclysmic when they do happen and it affects literally everybody.

3. Tell us a little about your main character’s family and/or culture.

So, for this one, I’m actually going to talk about the celestial plain and it’s clan structures from Elohim and the messengers. There are three different types of clans and that is the spirit clan, the mechanist clan and the beast clan and these clans basically maintain Elohim and messengers who excel in these certain areas such as the spirit clan who would be better at doing sole arts and manipulating time than the mechanist clan would be and the mechanist clan would probably be better at putting together rituals and improving the ones that already exist. And basically, that’s how the hierarchy is structured in the celestial plain and this is because they’re not really related by blood, any of them, because it’s not really physical recreation that happens so, it’s very clan structured but not really bloodline related.

4. What dangers does your main character face or what does your main character fear?

So, that’s pretty easy because Larathel, my main character, fears basically being destroyed and wiped from all of existence by Yaida and that’s basically what she’s trying to avoid all throughout her entire existence almost.

5. Are there holidays in your world that don’t exist in the real world? How are they celebrated? What is your character’s favorite holiday or thing to do during the holidays?

So, in the celestial plain, there isn’t really holidays per se and that’s because time isn’t really a static concept for them, it’s kind of wibbly-wobbly to say the least since they are inside the flow of time itself but when Larathel is on the mortal plain, in the mortal vessel, then she really enjoys all holidays because she doesn’t get to experience many of them.

6. Back in the day, how does your main character’s generation differ from their parents or their grandparents?

In terms of the messengers though, there are different generations of them because there are those who remain before the betrayal such as Lisfa, Pymon, Asma, really all the old fallen messengers and the ones who are in the upper levels of the generals of Yaid’s army. And there’s also those who remained after the great betrayal and that is basically the zealot like warriors that Yaida creates for the revelations war and then, there’s also the few that Larathel has to create using humans who volunteer and that’s because she can’t actually make a celestial vessel from scratch in the mortal plain. So, these are sort of different in the sense that they are created in the same way that the original celestial messengers were created.

7. How do people get around in this world?

So, the Elohim the messengers mostly get around by trans-dimensional doorways that are opened using phrases and signals that they trace in the air or on physical structures.

8. What do people eat in your world and what is your character’s favorite food?

The Elohim don’t eat at all because they don’t have stomachs and they’re not really living physical things, they’re weird but the messengers do have small stomachs for processing liquids and basic ritual binding agents. When those in the mortal plain are cursed by Yaida, they are actually forced to sustain themselves on blood so, that would probably be what they eat for the most part.

9. What games/fun things does your character do as a small child?

So, since Larathel and Pymon travel around a lot in unfallen wings when Larathel is younger, she’s often studying piano and really reading and keeping to herself for the most part because she doesn’t have a lot of friends that she has to play with so she kinda entertains herself with books and learning really anything she can get her hands on.

10. What do people in general do for fun in your world?

So, most of the Elohim enjoy creating life in general so, that’s often what they’ll be doing for fun, it’s just creating and experimenting and giving life to the universe.

11. What’s the song that’s well known in your world?

There’s not really a whole of songs that are well known in the celestial plain, but Larathel really likes For Elise, I probably said that wrong by Beethoven and that’s just kind of something she gravitated towards. She doesn’t really listen to a lot of pop culture so, it’s kind of hard to pin point the specific song that’s really popular because there’s not a single one that’s really popular.

12. Are there any pop culture references?

So, throughout other stories, there’s a lot of pop culture references throughout different time periods and really where that sat but in unfallen wings, there’s not a whole lot of pops culture because it’s mostly in urban fantasy and it takes place outside the realm of the norm. So, they’re not really in the know with the pop culture to say the least.

13. What language does your main character speak? What slang, expression, etc are common in their culture?

So, Larathel really speaks a wide variety of languages not just in her celestial form but also in her mortal form. Since her and Pymon travel around so much when she was a mortal, she picked up quite a few languages along the way such as French, English, a basic understanding in Spanish, she knows Latin and she also knows Enochian in this world because that’s what Pymon would have taught her. And in her celestial form, she basically knows all languages throughout history, just because of how many times she had to reincarnate and as for slang, one that’s really popular is referring to Larathel as the fallen queen and mostly, who does this is the zealots of Yaida’s Army and that’s because they don’t really respect her and she doesn’t like the fallen messengers being referred to as the fallen and she also doesn’t like being referred to as a queen because she doesn’t see herself as much more of a figure to guide the messengers back home and she doesn’t really like being referred to as like a regal entity.

14. What does your main character consider important and what does your main character consider specifically important?

The culture in the celestial plane really values knowledge and understanding and that’s what they gain their power from a lot is learning and growing as an individual soul. So, that’s usually what is most valued in the celestial plain. Why Larathel specifically values is trustworthiness because of the betrayal and how her kind had to face that being naïve as they were. And then also, that same quest for knowledge and to grow as a individual.

15. What rites of passage are in your world? And what is your main character looking forward to if any?

So, for the Elohim, there are really two big rites of passage just for them and the first is pulling themselves out of the flow of time because this is basically what brings them into existence past just a conscious timeline in the flow of time. And the second right of passage is creating their first time messenger and this is basically their apprentice, their bodyguard, basically companion in the celestial plain that’s not usually a romantic companion, she was actually looking forward to creating her high messenger more then anything and she waited quite a bit before she created Pymon just because she wanted to make sure that it was the right time.

16. What legend or folktales are popular in your world?

So, both Lilith and Larathel are considered legends in the universe underwriting and that’s because they are the first and only Elohim in the mortal plain and even still, Lilith was very weakened in her journey to the mortal plain unlike Larathel who actually gained power through the process that she used.

17. Tell us a fun fact about your character’s world.

So, a fun fact about this universe is it’s actually a omniverse and that means that it basically has potential to cross over with different fictional universes and in my mind, somehow, I’d always imagine Dr. Who kind of intersecting since there’s a lot of wibbly-wobbly time stuff going on but I’m sure that there are other universes that could also intersect with.


So, I think that’s it for now everyone. For this video, I will be taking Alina Popescu and by the book for this tag and if you want to do this tag, feel free to tag yourself and leave your answers down below or a link to the video, I would love to see them. If you like this video, make sure tie leave a like and subscribe to more like that.

If you haven’t checked out the giveaway right now, then feel free to check out the links down below and I will talk to you guys next time.

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1) Briefly describe your story premise and the world in which it takes place.
2) Are their any wars or conflict effecting your characters life?
3) Tell us a little about your MC’s family and/or culture.
4) What dangers does your MC face, or what does your MC fear?
5) Are there holidays in your world that don’t exist in the real world? How are they celebrated? If not, what is your characters favourite holiday or thing to do during holidays?
6) Back in the day, how does your MC’s generation differ from their parent’s or grandparent’s?
7) How do people get around in this world?
8) What do people eat in your world and what is your character’s favourite food?
9) What games/fun things does you’re character do as a small child?
10) What do people in general do for fun in you’re world?
11) What’s a song that’s well known in your world?
12) Are their any other pop culture references?
13) What Language does you’re MC speak? What slang, expressions, etc. are common in their culture?
14) What does your main characters culture consider important and what does you’re MC specifically consider important?
15) What ‘rites of passage’ are in your world and what is you’re MC looking forward to, if any?
16) What legend or folk tales are popular in your world?
17) Tell us a fun fact(s) about your characters world.

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Manuscript Chat | Lilith, First of the Betrayed

Hi everyone.

Trynda here, today I’m bringing you a Manuscript Chat talking about a character of mine named Lilith.

For those of you who’ve watched my other videos, you’ll know I’m working on a collection of short stories for NaNoWriMo called Lost To The Seams and this short story collection is actually around Lilith. So, I thought that this would be a good time to talk about her.

So, let’s get into it then.

Lilith is actually part of the race of Elohim and she’s most well known among them for being the creator of what’s called the Soul Basins. I won’t get into it too much in this video but the basic concept of a Soul Basin is a device that lets you put a soul into a vessel in the celestial plane. So, Lilith is actually very popular among the Elohim because of the soul basins and these soul basins are integral to creating the messengers which are the primary companionship for the Elohim.

Lilith is very unique within her race because she’s known as the first of the betrayed when the great betrayal happened and the rest of her kind was essentially wiped out. She was tricked into making a dagger for the main antagonist of On Fallen Wings and in doing so, invoked the bindings which are a set of universal rules that cannot be broken by any creature in the universe.

What happened when she invoked these laws, during a ritual that she didn’t realize had the consequences it did, imprisoned her and basically punished her for breaking the rules.

She’s also very unique in the sense that she broke out of this prison when no one thought that that was possible and she ended up actually ripping herself into the mortal plane which was also believed to be impossible because one of the bindings is, an Elohim cannot set foot in the mortal plane.

So, the short stories that I’m working on kind follow Lilith through how she’s handling being in prison and breaking through.

What Lilith has to do once she’s on the Mortal Plain is get used to the passage of time and really get used to being immortal in a place where she’s not meant to be and the whole time, she just wants to get back to her home in the Celestial Plain and she kinds of struggles along the way until she finds Lucifer and Paimon and learns that there has been been a celestial war and that the messengers have fallen and everything has basically gone to shit since she fell to the mortal plane just as the messengers did.

Without Lilith, there was no way that Lucifer and Paimon would have been able to bring Larathel back and set the plains right again. It would have just been out of their comprehension and they just didn’t have the skill set necessary to perform the ritual.

So she’s a character that’s meant to be a very mentoring role but she’s very anti social especially after she’s betrayed and she doesn’t really like interacting with too many because she’s very untrusting and I understand why so because she was tricked by one of her own kind that she trusted. So, she’s got trust issues for sure.

I think that’s it for now so, if you like this video, make sure to leave a like and subscribe for more like them. If you wanna see a specific topic covered, leave a comment down below and I’ll try and do that in the next videos, all of these topics and more are covered over on my Patreon so if you’re looking for some more world building and behind the scenes stuff with my universe then make sure you head over to my Patreon and look at that. If you’re looking for some ebooks, makes sure to check out the dystopian and post apocalyptic giveaway, along with the short horror giveaway as well. There’s tons of short stories and ebooks going on over there so head over to the link down below.

So I think that’s it and I will talk to you guys next week.

In this episode of Manuscript Chat I talk about Lilith, First of the Betrayed. I thought it would be a good time to talk a bit more about Lilith, since I am working on a series of short stories based around her for NaNoWriMo 2017.

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Manuscript Chat | The Elohim

Hi everyone.

Trynda here, bringing you another manuscript chat video. Today, I’m gonna be talking about the Elohim and the universe that they reside in.

First off, if you haven’t watched my other video, I will leave a link down below for you guys and I would recommend going to check that out first before checking this video because it will just give you and intro into the series and give you a jumping off point.

So lets get into it.

The Elohim are a race that I created within my universe that are basically the architects to life as we know it. The Elohim live in what they call a celestial plane and that is a little pocket inside the flow of time that they created themselves.

They also created what is known as the divisional plane and the mortal plane. Now the Divisional Plain is kind of like a Purgatory or just a no-mans-land for souls and celestial beings to transverse with each other.

And then we have the Mortal Plain which sounds pretty self explanatory and that’s kind of where we live.

The reason that these dimensions are set up the way they are is to reflect how a lot of mythologies look at how people interacted with the gods. It wasn’t very often that you saw humans interacting with gods on a face-to-face level. You often saw people interacting with the gods through a medium of some sort whether that be drugs or angels or messengers or even the gods themselves manifesting in a different form but you never saw people interacting with the god itself because they will basically burst into flames or an equivalent for that theology. So, I wanted to incorporate that in my world so it wouldn’t seem like humans and gods were having a direct conversation all the time because that’s not what it looked like in history.

What originally started this idea of the Elohim was this one passage from the book of Revelation in the King James Bible and it gave me the idea of what the Elohim would look like and that was with their bleach white skin, hair and eyes and their super tall features almost make them look very alien and non human like.

After I had the basic idea of how I wanted the Elohim to look, I knew that I had to make them a little bit down to earth so they wouldn’t be invincible and they could still be concrete in a certain way.

To make sure that the Elohim were not overpowered and instead a race you could associate that still had downfalls, I made sure to give them the inability to heal and fragile bodies along with a set of rules called The Bindings and this was in theory meant to make sure they could stay in check without essentially messing up the entire universe. These flaws of being unable to heal and having fragile bodies, forced the Elohim to be realistic about how they use their powers and needing help along the way and in turn they created what’s called the messengers.

The messengers are basically like bodyguards, assistants and companions. Basically, anything that the Elohim can’t do, they create a messenger for. It sounds a little bit odd putting it like that but often, it’s a mutual agreement between two corporal beings. If that makes sense.

So I think that’s it for now guys, if you like what you saw make sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more videos like it. If you want to hear me talk about something specific, then leave a comment down below and I will talk about that next time. If you haven’t read the Revival series yet then I suggest checking out Revival Prologue, it’s available free at the link down below. You can also get Revival (Episode 3) now if you’re all caught up and Revival (Episode 4) is also available for preorder so you can check all those links in the description down below as well. I’m going to be putting my excerpt about the Elohim from my world bible up on my Patreon so, if you wanna know some specific details bout the Elohim, then I suggest heading over to my Patreon and seeing if that’s something that you can be interested in signing up for.

You can also sign up for my mailing list and get a free short story if you’re looking for something to read and that is also down in the description below and I think that’s it for now so, I’ll talk to you guys later.

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