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Trynda here, bringing you another manuscript chat video. Today, I’m gonna be talking about the Elohim and the universe that they reside in.

First off, if you haven’t watched my other video, I will leave a link down below for you guys and I would recommend going to check that out first before checking this video because it will just give you and intro into the series and give you a jumping off point.

So lets get into it.

The Elohim are a race that I created within my universe that are basically the architects to life as we know it. The Elohim live in what they call a celestial plane and that is a little pocket inside the flow of time that they created themselves.

They also created what is known as the divisional plane and the mortal plane. Now the Divisional Plain is kind of like a Purgatory or just a no-mans-land for souls and celestial beings to transverse with each other.

And then we have the Mortal Plain which sounds pretty self explanatory and that’s kind of where we live.

The reason that these dimensions are set up the way they are is to reflect how a lot of mythologies look at how people interacted with the gods. It wasn’t very often that you saw humans interacting with gods on a face-to-face level. You often saw people interacting with the gods through a medium of some sort whether that be drugs or angels or messengers or even the gods themselves manifesting in a different form but you never saw people interacting with the god itself because they will basically burst into flames or an equivalent for that theology. So, I wanted to incorporate that in my world so it wouldn’t seem like humans and gods were having a direct conversation all the time because that’s not what it looked like in history.

What originally started this idea of the Elohim was this one passage from the book of Revelation in the King James Bible and it gave me the idea of what the Elohim would look like and that was with their bleach white skin, hair and eyes and their super tall features almost make them look very alien and non human like.

After I had the basic idea of how I wanted the Elohim to look, I knew that I had to make them a little bit down to earth so they wouldn’t be invincible and they could still be concrete in a certain way.

To make sure that the Elohim were not overpowered and instead a race you could associate that still had downfalls, I made sure to give them the inability to heal and fragile bodies along with a set of rules called The Bindings and this was in theory meant to make sure they could stay in check without essentially messing up the entire universe. These flaws of being unable to heal and having fragile bodies, forced the Elohim to be realistic about how they use their powers and needing help along the way and in turn they created what’s called the messengers.

The messengers are basically like bodyguards, assistants and companions. Basically, anything that the Elohim can’t do, they create a messenger for. It sounds a little bit odd putting it like that but often, it’s a mutual agreement between two corporal beings. If that makes sense.

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