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Sorry this video is a little late this week, I was getting ready for a job interview on Friday and now that it’s Saturday, I’ve had the chance to record and you should be seeing this video as soon as it’s done.

This week, I’m doing an Authortube World building Tag that was started by Michael Thomas and I will link his channel down below with everyone else’s that I’ve tagged as well.

So, let’s get into the questions and I will let you know who I’ve tagged at the end of the video.

1. Name an author who is good at world building?

I really think that Rick Riordan, the author of Percy Jackson and the Olympians, did a really good job of world building in his series. What with mixing in Greek mythology with the real world and making it flow very well together and I thought that he did a really good job on that series.

2. Name a detail or a thing in a book which functioned only to help the world building.

I think character development helps enormously in world building because it lets you see how characters and their settings and environments are interacting together and I think that is a more organic way of building in world building than just saying, “Here’s an info dump of everything you need to know of this world.”

3. Do you prefer well-described characters and an underdeveloped setting or vice versa?

I personally like an happening medium because I think it’s important to have well flushed out settings in environments as well as flushed out characters as well. I think the two go hand in hand and I think it’s just poor writing to leave out one and not the other because then you’re just making it lopsided and how people interact with what’s normal around them speaks volumes more.

4. How much world building is too much world building?

I think it’s too much world building when you’re spending pages describing just one thing or like a handful of things. You shouldn’t spend all your time focusing on certain aspects but you should weave it organically through the entire story and show how different characters and different settings are interacting with each other.

5. What book/series could benefit from more world building?

So, you’ll have to excuse my memory a little bit, I read this book a long time ago and I really only read the first book in the series but The Dark Angel book by Meredith and Pierce, really felt like it could have benefited from some more world building. In the story, it was a vampire that was evil and twisted against humanity, kidnaps this girl and tries to make her his wife and she kind of redeems him and melts lead off of his heart, it was a really interesting story but they were just kind of in the middle of nowhere in these mountains and you were kind of left wondering, well, where is this even taking place like how did this chic just go missing and no one even thought to look for her like it just felt like there should have been more there right? But maybe I’m just misremembering it but I really wanted to get back in that series and see if they had expanded on what was going on later on in the series.

6. Do you prefer the intricacies of a world to be presented early on or revealed throughout the book?

I’d rather see and author weave the details of their world through the entire book and the entire series because I feel like it is much more organic fit and you’re not forcing it on your readers so much like you have to know this information. It’s more like letting them discover this scene where their imagination takes it instead of forcing them to look in a certain direction.

7. Describe/draw your perfect world.

Well, my world is very much my world, the Elohim Universe, I love working in it and it’s a happy mesh between our world that we know and a spin on what gods and a celestial multidimensional beings are like. I’m okay with being a little bias because I love my world and I love writing in it and that’s why I keep writing in it.


So, that’s it for now guys. I am hopefully going to pronounce everyone’s names right but I’m going to be taking three people for this tag.

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I think that’s everything guys so, I will talk to you guys later. 

1. Name an author who is good at world building?
2. Name a detail or thing in a book which functioned only to help build the world.
3. Do you prefer well-described characters and an under-developed setting or vice-versa?
4. How much world building is too much world building?
5. What book/series could benefit from more world building?
6. Do you prefer the intricacies of a world to be presented early on, or revealed throughout the book?
7. Describe/draw your perfect world?


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