The primary creation of the Elohim to suit various needs and requirements of the Elohim. Generally Messengers are created for protections, as assistants and companions, as well as 'experiments' or 'proff-of-cencept' creations. Generally made from a soul with many incarnations lived and a celestial vessel.

  • Physical Traits
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Gender Fluid (preferences exist)
  • Reflective silver/grey eyes
  • Various shades
  • Can have hints of colour depending on nature of the messenger
  • Pink pale lips
  • Larger lungs than humans to filter magic from the air for sustenance (similar to fish gills)
  • Smaller stomach and digestive system for processing occasional food and water (for ritual purposes as it's not necessary for survival)
  • Speak Enochian
  • Pale almost white flesh
    • Hardened and resilient
  • Wings attached to shoulder blades
    • large enough to touch ground and curve over the messenger's head when folded
  • Rapid healing.
  • Heightened senses and reaction time.
  • Can channel magic within constrains.
  • Punishments of The Bindings
  • Life Shard
  • Can only be neutralized by the Elohim who offered a covenant originally.
  • Destroying the head and heart