Messengers of great power who serve as the right hand and protector of an individual Elohim. These beings have often lived the most lifetimes and contain the most knowledge/ power. Since they are the most powerful of the messengers, they are 'generally' afforded the highest respect amount the celestial ranks.

  • Physical Traits
  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Gold feathers scattered amongst other feathers of wings.
  • Gold highlights in eyes and slightly in hair.
  • Bound to their creator so the High Messenger will turn to a misty fog when the head or heart is destroyed.
    • Will return to their creators 'house' and reform their physical vessel.
  • Wounds heal rapidly
  • Heightened senses reaction time
  • Punishments of The Bindings
  • Life Shard
  • Can only be neutralized by the Elohim who offered a covenant originally.